Reduce the risk of accidents on the mountain!

Airkipp®/iGate inflate.

Replaces old dangerous GS panels with the modern

"Two or three Gates in a Row" placement of

Airkipp®/iGate invented by Stefan Dag of Austria.

Airkipp®/iGate inflatable slalom gates create an unsurpassed

visual profile and total safety. Air Gate

Recommended fill pressure 20 psi = 1.38 Bar or less, which is the maximum pressure produced by the Airkipp compressor.

Starter Kit:

Starter Kit includes 10 gates+Tools: $1899 complete. GATE 68

Tools included: Battery, Air source, Drill bit with Caddy, Back Pack, 10 Gate 68, Hat. Drill template.

Everything you need to operate your own Airkipp/iGate race course. Tools are a one time purchase.

iGates per set of 10 (two colors) : $790

weight of each gate 13.0 oz.

Call 970-404-0559


Please use Airkipp® iGates as they are intended, for optimum performance and safety.

 'Cross-blocking' or 'shinning' is unnecessary and not recommended.

The new way to ski the Airkipp® iGates is to engage with the whole body!

Search for your own style.

So much fun!

The intent of the Airkipp®/iGate system is NOT to mimic the old hard gates and the associated skiing style


to create a safe racing style! Airkipp® iGate will perform perfectly if used as intended.  Ski and race balanced without distracting upper body actions .  Use of  helmet and face guard mandatory.

Please be open to new possibilities and advances..

iGate skiing soft-ware


iGate inflate